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New Construction, One Year Warranty and Remodeled Property Inspections

Newly built or remodeled homes can have costly hidden issues or even unknown safety concerns. Sometimes steps of the building process are left out or even systems are installed incorrectly. Even with modern day permitting, the permit inspectors do not catch every issue and often do not see all the finished areas that could be inspected. It can be common for contractors to take “shortcuts” in the installation or construction process which can lead to issues not detected in the permitting process.

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One year warranty

Everything in the home is typically covered with a one-year warranty by the builder, with some specific systems having a longer warranty period depending on the builder. It is a very wise decision to have a “one year warranty Inspection” performed on a brand-new home just before the end of the first year of ownership, before the one-year warranty is up, assuming the home is under warranty. 

This way any potential issues, or even defects that arose in the first year can be corrected by the builder under this one-year warranty.

Inspection Experts

Having an inspection performed before the one-year warranty is over is a great way to have the builder correct anything that still falls under the responsibility of the builder. This is why Davidson Inspection has become familiar with performing one-year warranty inspections and always recommends one be performed with a new home.