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Plumbing consists of various systems that, if not functioning correctly, can lead to costly issues that can cause further issues in other systems of the home. Leaking or failures can be expensive to repair and often are hidden/ not even known about by the homeowner. Having an inspector who knows where and what to look for with the plumbing system can avoid a huge headache and save a lot of money down the road. Older plumbing systems that have been neglected or need repairs, maintenance and upgrades are not uncommon in San Diego and identifying issues now rather than later is crucial. A typical plumbing system consists of the water supply system, water heater, the waste/ sewer system and often-times a gas system. All of these systems need routine maintenance over the years to prevent more serious issues. Trust Davidson Inspection for a detailed plumbing inspection that will look over these systems with care. 


The electrical system of a building or property can often be an area that consists of components that are beyond their intended design life. Even if the electrical system has been upgraded, systems are often installed incorrectly and it is not uncommon to find evidence of unpermitted installations in San Diego. Electrical systems/ components become less safe as they age and many older electrical systems are missing key safety components that any modern electrical system should include. Older electrical systems can become fire concerns and are over-all less safe than a newer system would be. Various problematic brands of electrical panels or other electrical components have been manufactured over the years that, if present, are considered outdated/ unsafe to today’s standards. Choose Davidson Inspection for more education on the electrical system and any safety concerns, needed repairs or upgrades. 


Moisture intrusion is a major concern in any structure and can lead to interior conditions that can be unsafe or unhealthy for the occupants. Oftentimes this type of moisture intrusion comes from past roof leaks. Roofs are a system that need routine maintenance to prevent leaking, and often roofs can leak during some rains, but not others. Unfortunately most people wait until a roof leaks to do any repairs and sometimes the repair is a temporary repair that is not designed to last a long time, or does not address the real issue of the leak. Sometimes the roof leak is repaired but the moisture damage to the interior components are not repaired leaving possible environmental concerns. Having a thorough roof inspection performed by an inspector who knows/ has inspected many roofing systems extensively brings confidence for the client that the decision to choose Davidson Inspection was the correct one.

Structure/ Foundation

Foundation repairs, replacements and upgrades can be some of the most costly but important corrections to be made for the longevity of a structure. Many areas of San Diego have soils and drainage conditions that can be powerful and damaging to foundations/ structures when we get rains. From clay soils that retain moisture to underground springs that ran well before houses were built over them, San Diego has many natural features that can damage a house if grading and drainage are not optimal. Foundations can crack, deteriorate or raise/ settle if in the right conditions or area.  Having a detailed foundation inspection performed by a knowledgeable and experienced inspector that knows what symptoms to look for is invaluable. Davidson Inspection has worked with and been educated by some of San Diego’s most reputable and experienced foundation contractors who can perform further evaluation about any issues that may be present. Framing is also evaluated for damage, needed repairs, maintenance and upgrades in attic spaces and any sub areas that are accessible to try to avoid any hidden damage that would be a surprise without a detailed framing inspection. 


Garages contain various systems that can pose safety concerns or need repairs such as the garage door or firewall/ fire door system. The garage foundation, structure, roof, doors windows, interior, electrical to name a few are systems within the garage that are important to inspect. Garages also are often where various other systems can be such as the water heater, furnace, laundry, water shut-off, and water softening system. Issues with moisture can often be found in association with these systems or the roof. Garage door safety features are important to have maintained and are often configured incorrectly, leaking the garage door in an unsafe condition. A detailed inspection of the garage is the standard when you choose Davidson Inspection. 

Heating and Cooling

The heating and cooling (HVAC) system is a system that relies on maintenance/ servicing for optimal operation and to prevent premature failures. Older systems can become unsafe, inefficient, costly and can use refrigerants that are no longer being manufactured. Issues with installations, damage/ corrosion, gas or electrical problems, disconnected ducting, damage from rodents and safety concerns due to venting or combustion/ return air problems are common findings with HVAC systems. Finding these types of HVAC concerns during the inspection contingency period is a high priority as these systems may need repairs or replacements that can be costly. 

Under-Floor areas/ Attic Spaces

Many people who own a property have not seen the attic spaces or under/ floor areas or it has been a very long time since any one has been in these spaces. Concealed or hidden issues with various major systems such as plumbing, electrical, structure/ foundation, moisture, possible environmental issues etc. are often seen in under floor areas and attic spaces. Rodents or wood destroying organisms are often getting into these areas and causing damage when property owners are not aware. These types of issues can be hidden costly surprises if a detailed inspection is not performed. Let Davidson Inspection be the ones to go “above and beyond” and crawl further into those concealed spaces, to ensure that hidden concerns in under floor areas and attic spaces are highlighted.

Bathrooms/ Kitchens/ Laundries/ Wet Areas

Wet areas of a home can be the source of various issues most often having to do with moisture. Rooms with associated supply plumbing, waste lines, gas or electrical appliances, water fixtures such as tubs/ showers/ sinks/ hook ups and wet area counters/ cabinets are examined with a careful eye to ensure issues can be highlighted in the report. Bathrooms, kitchens and laundry areas are some of the most common locations for past leaks and repairs. It is important to uncover any past leaks or moisture damage in these wet areas. Various safety upgrades or corrections are often needed for wet areas. These areas of the home are also often in need of maintenance and upgrades which can add up quickly.  

Building Exterior

The building exterior is the condition of various systems such as siding, wood, the possibility of the presence of wood destroying organisms, outer windows, outer doors, eaves, balconies, attached/ detached covers and gutters/downspouts. The building exterior is of utmost importance because it is designed to keep moisture out of the interior and even direct moisture away from the structure. Without the correct maintenance the exterior system of a home can deteriorate due to weather conditions/ exposure to the elements and allow moisture or even rodents to enter. Balconies/ decks are also an area where moisture intrusion and damage can occur if the balcony or deck surface is not maintained.  A thorough building exterior inspection is a part of the Davidson Inspection standard


The importance of the grounds section of our report cannot be overlooked. The grounds section consists of grading, drainage, in ground drains, slopes, retaining walls, soils, decks and various other exterior features. Property owners, buyers and sellers may think of a home inspection as mostly from the walls in and all of the systems inside the structure, but the inspection of the condition of the area and features around the house is also imperative. Grading and drainage is a very “upstream” way to protect a structure and foundation. Decks or covers can be expensive to replace and can become safety concerns when not maintained. Plants and trees can cause damage in various ways. Exterior electrical, plumbing or mechanical can often be worn. Yard features such as retaining walls can be very important for preserving the site conditions. These exterior systems can be old, overlooked and in need of attention. 


Interior finishes are evaluated for significant damage and other major concerns such as moisture intrusion. Identifying any areas that have the potential to be environmental hazards is an important part of our interior inspection. Areas conducive to mold growth due to moisture intrusion is a common concern of property owners and potential property buyers. The concern of the possibility of mold being present is taken into great consideration when Davidson Inspection is performing an inspection, and we highlight these areas of concern in our detailed report that includes pictures. The possibility of other environmental hazards such as lead or asbestos in building materials is also taken into consideration, and areas with the potential to contain these materials are also included in the report with recommendations on material testing or removal. Interior finishes are also evaluated to determine if any undue/ significant movement may be occuring with the structure. A detailed interior inspection is always included in a home inspection with Davidson Inspection.

Fireplaces/ Chimneys

Fireplaces and chimneys need strict maintenance in order to remain in safely functioning condition. From the firebox, damper, possible gas lines, to the flue and exterior chimney/ cap, there are various systems within a fireplace that are evaluated during the home inspection process for safety and function. Fireplace codes and regulations have changed a good amount in the recent past, and keeping up with these changes to make recommendations on safety upgrades is common practice for Davidson Inspection. A fireplace can be a great addition to a home when maintained correctly, but can also fairly quickly become a safety concern if not maintained and is used frequently. This is why Davidson Inspection takes all the systems of the fireplaces and chimneys into careful consideration when performing a property inspection with fireplaces/ chimneys.